Wednesday, 21/10/2020





1    Single PCR Next Generation Sequencing

       Amplification and sample index labeling in one PCR step

2    Only one purification

3    No need of fragmentation

4    Sample to sequencing in < 5 h with less than 1.5 h hands-on time

       Sample to high resolution result in < 1.5 days

5    High and consistent coverage

       Optimal for low and high throughput



Easiest Workflow

One short and robust PCR for the complete workflow

Amplification and Index Labeling in the same PCR

Same protocol for all loci

One Purification of pooled PCR products for the entire workflow

No need of Fragmentation


Fastest Turnaround Time

Minimized hands-on time of less than 1.5 h

Sample to sequencing in less than 5 h

Sample to high-resolution result in 1.5 days


Efficient NGS Strategy

Sequencing the key regions of the HLA genes

Null Alleles are covered

Allele drop-outs are minimized

Optimum use of the flow cell capacity

High and consistent coverage of the Amplificates


Scalable Solutions

Optimal for low and high throughput

Less than 0.5 μg of starting gDNA from Blood, Saliva or Buccal Swab

Minimized hands-on time makes automation unnecessary

For highest throughput, automation is easy to implement


Reliable Data Analysis

User-friendly and reliable Software

Fast analysis and easy-to-interpret results

No need for high performance computing power