Saturday, 13/07/2024


Next Generation Sequencing (NGS)

by PROTRANS N5 and N5LR11

Highlights of Protrans N5 and N5LR11



Single PCR Next Generation Sequencing



Only one purification needed



Strong reduction of allele drop-outs



Short Sample to sequencing time

Low hands-on time

Easy to handle



High and consistent coverage

Optimal for low and high throughput



Easiest Workflow

  • One short and robust PCR for the complete workflow
  • Amplification and Index Labeling in the same PCR (N5)
  • Same protocol for all loci
  • One Purification of pooled PCR products for the entire workflow
  • No need of Fragmentation (N5)


Fastest Turnaround Time

  • Minimized hands-on time ~ 1 h
  • Sample to Sequencer in one working day (~8h)
  • Sample to high-resolution result in 1.5 days


Efficient NGS Strategy

  • Sequencing the key regions (N5) or
  • Complete HLA genes (N5 LR11)
  • Null Alleles are covered
  • Allele drop-outs are minimized
  • Optimum use of the flow cell capacity
  • High and consistent coverage of the Amplificates


Scalable Solutions

  • Optimal for low and high throughput
  • Less than 0.5 μg of starting gDNA from Blood, Saliva or Buccal Swab
  • Minimized hands-on time makes automation unnecessary
  • For highest throughput, automation is easy to implement


Reliable Data Analysis

  • User-friendly and reliable Software
  • Fast analysis and easy-to-interpret results
  • No need for high performance computing power