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Donor-specific HLA Crossmatching


The Protrans XMatch kit provides an ELISA HLA

Crossmatch to check for donor-specific Anti-HLA

Antibodies before and after organ transplantation.

It is an easy to use diagnostic tool for donor-recipient

organ transplant compatibility.

Protrans XMatch detects donor-specific HLA class I

(A, B, C) and HLA class II (DRB1, DQB1, DQA1,

DPB1) antibodies in the sera of the recipient in 5

fast and easy steps. It is suitable for the analysis of

fresh and frozen cells.

The Protrans XMatch System is designed to check

the compatibility of donor cells and variable numbers

of patient sera. To provide maximum flexibility, the

Protrans XMatch System contains Half-Area

Microplate-Strips for class I and for class II. The strips

are coated with special catching antibodies specific for

HLA class I and HLA class II.

Advantages and Highlights

O  High Specificity and Sensitivity
Detects HLA-A, -B, -C, -DR, -DQ and -DP antibodies
Donor-specific binding of HLA antibodies
Minimized risk of false-positive results caused by
unspecific antibody binding

O  Near to in vivo conditions
Avoids false results through virtual crossmatching
Direct testing of donor material against the patients serum

O  Flexible and fast
From Sample to result in 3 h
ELISA Half-Area Plate-Strips for highest flexibility
Works with blood, spleen, frozen cells, etc.
Material can be frozen and used after years
For pre- and post-transplantation
Recommended for living and cadaveric organ donation

O  Efficient
No expensive equipment or machines needed
Low amount of starting material needed
Optimal for low and higher throughput

O  Easy and reliable
Easy and straightforward protocol with low hands-on time
All controls are included in the Protrans XMatch Kit
Results are directly visible
Same protocol for all HLA loci