Saturday, 13/07/2024

PROTRANS HLA Celiac Disease

The autoimmune disorder Celiac Disease (CD) or Gluten intolerance has been reported to
be one of the most common diseases worldwide which is related and even caused by HLA.
As especially the HLA-DQ Heterdimer presents a split procduct of the
Gluten (33-mer peptide) to the immune system the focus of HLA testing becomes
more and more important for the general diagnosis of Celiac Disease.

That is why the last update of the CD guidlines by the ESPGHAN
(European Society for Paediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition) in 2012
highlighted the HLA-DQB1, HLA-DQA1 and HLA-DRB1 typing especially for
children and family studies to prevent from small bowel biopsies.

The Protrans HLA Celiac Disease Domino System fulfills all requirments by the
ESPGHAN guidlines for the Celiac Disease associated typing of

  • Fulfills all requirments by ESPGHAN
  • Detect all Celiac Disease HLA associations currently described to be up to date
  • Determine the heterozygousity or homozygousity of the allele HLA-DQB1*02:01
    to explain the dosage effect of Celiac Disease
  • Report HLA-associations in less than 2 hour using the Protrans electrophoresis equipment   
  • Automated analysis with the Protrans SSP Reporter